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January 22, 2013


Hello my lovely ladies!!! :)

A week ago I saw a tutorial on youtube about Corset nails and it looks really nice so I got ahead and try it. But I think that my outcome didn't look like a corset.

Please tell me HONESTLY sweeties. Does it look like a corset to you??

January 15, 2013

Nail Haul

Hello sweeties! ♥

Here are photos of all my previous haul. :)

God Bless everyone! ♥

January 9, 2013

Tutorial: How To Apply Nail Foil

Hello ladies! :)

I recently bought some nail foils from a local online shop Onestop Kikayshop. She sells lots of nail thingys that are very affordable and she ships INTERNATIONALLY!!! Plus the seller is so awesome! So go and visit her page now! :)

Though my outcome has its FLAWS (A FAIL shall I say) atleast I now know what I will do the next time I try my other foils.That's why decided to do a bit of tutorial based on my experience applying it. :)

Here it goes.....

Things I used:

Always start with clean hands and nails. Plus don't forget to apply your favorite base coat! :)

I advise that you don't touch the adhesive cos it can get very sticky.

Cut the foils into squares to work with it easily. If you don't have a Hoof stick, you can use the bottom of the polish bottle which works good cos I've tried it! :) Oh and don't forget to rub the sides of your nails.

Apply top coat in a one direction mode and gently so the foil won't smudge. Which as you can see the mistake I've made. haha :)

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January 7, 2013

Nfu Oh - 61

Hello sweeties! :)

Today, I'll be showing you this really nice blue holographic polish from Nfu Oh 61.

The thing I don't like about Nfu Oh is that application can be a bit hard. You can get lumps. So it is advisable to first apply Nfu Oh AQUA BASE. :)

Hope you'll like my swatches! ♥

God Bless! ♥