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February 23, 2013

Chic - Sandy Collection

Hello sweeties!
Sorry for the lack of post. Laziness got a hold of me. haha (^__^)

Moving on..
Any of you tried the so called SAND POLISH??

I have always been curious for the longest time. Curious why it is called "SAND" polish. So when I finally saw a collection from CHIC on the shelves of Robinson's supermarket I both all 5 of it! hahaha What can I say, since it was really cheap for only 31.75pesos(0.78usd) each.

To see and FEEL the Sandy effect, I only applied 1 thick coat of the polish and without top coat. And what can I say, I totally love love love Chic's Sandy Collection!!! (^__^) 

**WARNING: Sorry! I got carried away on taking photos! hahaha. ♥

"CHIC Centre Corporation is a philippine brand that provides a full range of nail care products and solutions as well as an extensive palette of shades for various moods and occasions"


A closer look:

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  1. Wow, they're great! I wish we had this brand(

  2. I was at Landmark kanina and was thinking of getting these... you gave me a reason to go back and purchase it. One coat lang to on your nails? Wow ah, that's amazing!

    1. Yes ms. Jenn just one thick coat for the visible sandy effect. :)

  3. Oh, I fell in love with that green one! *Peridot*...<3

    1. One of my fave too from the collection! :)

  4. Love this post... <3

  5. Saved as a fаvoгite, I rеаlly liκе youг wеb site!

    My homepаge ... Chemietoilette

  6. Omg, love your style! <3

    Do you want to follow each other?

  7. Hi!
    I love your blog!
    I'll surely follow you
    I'll be glad if you follow me too )

  8. Never tried these but amethyst looks amazing!!

    Hope you can follow me back :)


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