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August 26, 2012

Musical Notes

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Ladies, I have a few posts in line for you all. 
Just haven't had the time. :)

Since my previous blog post was a polish swatch,
it is now time for some nail art! YEY!!! :) The story behind this was when I was
helping my little sister do her homework in music. She is in grade2 by the way.
While browsing her book I saw musical notes. I then got the idea to do a design that
same night. :)

The particular design is VERY common.
So I gave it a lil twist and instead of the usual black musical notes, I did it in
different colors! :) Isn't it obvious that I really like RAINBOW colors? hehehe.
I'm sorry if my musical notes isn't perfect.

I so suck at freehand!!! :(

God Bless everyone! ♥

August 21, 2012

Color Club - Wild At Heart

Hey hey I'm back! :)
Oh my gosh! I can't believe that I actually have 112 lovely followers!!!

For today's post, I'll be showing some photo swatches of Wild At Heart from Color Club. I'm not a big fan of holo polsihes. The only thing I like about with this particular shade is that it kinda looks really nice on my nails! hahaha. Please agree with me! (^__^)

For added info. I got Wild At Heart from a nail swap about a year ago! ♥
Oh and it also works good for stamping. Don't you just like polishes with double
purposes? I do!!! Saves me money. haha. :)

You're probably asking, WHY THE HELL DON'T I LIKE HOLO POLISHES??
Well it's because in my opinion, you only get to see the beauty of it when under the
sunlight. Am I right? Please don't get me wrong. I love ALL kinds of nail polishes. 
But I love the glitter ones more. :) Specially those indi polishes I have been seeing on
other blogs. Oh they are to die for! Too bad I can't have one. But it's ok! :)

SORRY if you get to see lots of smileys on every post.
It just shows how happy I am with blogging. :)

Away we go with the swatches!

***I did a facebook page.
Hoping you ladies could like my page***

August 17, 2012


Hello ladies!
Here I am again with a quick post. I promise to babble on my next post. :)

So here is a simple freehand design that I did a few days back.
My petals aren't perfect! But it still kinda looks like a sunflower right???
Hope y'all like it! :)

things I used:
- Caronia Nail Hardener (base coat)
- Elianto in Racing Green
- Reeves Acrylic paint (yellow, white, light brown)
- Nail art brush
- Cherry (top coat)

God Bless Everyone! ♥

August 12, 2012

So-Called-Peacock Nail Art

Hello beautiful ladies!
Thank you so much for all of your love and concern. ♥
It is really appreciated!

This is a quick post for now.
Here is my SO-CALLED-PEACOCK nails. hehehe. :)

things I used:
- Caronia Nail Hardener (base coat)
- BM image plate 212
- Revlon in OPULENT PINK
- Milani in TOTALLY 80'S
- Jessica in KING TUT'S GEM
-  Nail paint (blue/for the stamp)
-  Reeves Acrylic paint (white, yellow, orange)
- Dotting tool or toothpick
- Beauty UK Matte (top coat)

God Bless everyone! ♥

August 9, 2012

Barbie Pink Flower

Our country was not even hit by a typhoon, but only by  a SOUTHWEST MONSOON.
It has left a lot of cities flooded. It is just so devastating! :( 

Here is a nail art for you girls.
Sorry coz I only took one photo of it. It has been raining for a week now so I can't get
a descent shot. I hope you all understand.

things I used:
• Caronia Nail Hardener/Base coat
• Revlon in Opulent Pink
• BM image plate 20
• Brown nail paint (stamp)
• White and flesh acrylic paint
• Beauty UK Matte top coat
• Rhinestones

God Bless everyone! ♥

August 6, 2012

Hello Kitty Decals

Oh no! It's been raining soo hard here in the Philippines.
Almost all the nearby places are flooded! Prayers for everyone and please BE SAFE! :(

Yes, this is a late post. Sorry!!
I finally got to try my Hello Kitty nail decals that I've bought from a local online shop.
The thing I like with nail decals is how easy it is to use for that instant nail art! :) Since it is hello kitty, I got to play around and be oh so girly with the design!

I got a lot of compliments from random people on the mall. Don't you just love it when people gets to appreciate your work even if it is just simple? I DO!!
One reason I so love these passion of mine. ♥

The whole sheet costs only 50.00PHP(1.20USD)

God Bless everyone! ♥