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July 6, 2012

My Nail Haul

Hello girls!
I cannot believe that I already have 73 lovely followers in less than a month! Thank you everyone! Lots of love from me! ♥ ♥ ♥

So here I am again posting away about all things nail related. :)
I recently bought some new nail stuffs. Nothing expensive and mostly local brands and GLITTERS!! :) I make it a point to not spend a lot with polishes in one buying. If I really really want a polish, then I will buy it next month within my set budget. :)

My ultimate wish now??  
Is to have SPECTRAFLAIR (14 and 35) and the latest batch of BUNDLE MONSTER Image Plates. Too bad I don't have PayPal. BOOHOO!!! :( :( :(

Time to share some photos:


*Nail Decals (40PHP each or 0.96USD)
 *18pcs. Reeves Acrylic Paint (408PHP or 9.74USD)

*Paint Plate (18PHP or 0.43USD)

*15pcs. Nail Art Brush (300PHP or 7.16USD)

*1pc. Brush (18PHP or 0.43USD)

*Cherry in Snow White (15.75PHP or 0.38USD)

*Cherry in Colorless (15.75PHP or 0.38USD)

*L.A. Colors in Pink Sizzle (89PHP or 2.13USD)
*BK #44 (80PHP or 1.91USD)

*Caress in Disco Fever (24.75PHP or 0.59USD)

*Caress in Christmas Polka (24.75PHP or 0.59USD)

*Wet 'N Wild in Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire (199PHP or 4.75USD)

God Bless! ♥


  1. What a lot of wonderful things and polishes - great haul :)

  2. It's really easy to make a paypal account! good luck!)

  3. Ooh some lovely things there. I'm very impressed that you stick to a budget lol.

  4. I can see some great looking glitters there, and I'm looking forward to seeing the decals on! :)

  5. nice ;) love to see your review on nail art brushes :)

  6. awesome haul! im jealous!

  7. oooh nice haul! i'm really loving that purple glitter you picked up :D

  8. Hi! I´ve discovered your blog because you´re following mine ( Thanks so much! Here you have a new follower :-)

  9. Nice products, those glitter ones are awesome! I don't have pay pal too :(( and I would love to have the Bundle Monster plates, but until than I have to settle with the products from my country! :(

  10. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from Dahlia if you'd like to check it out. xx


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