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July 3, 2012

The Unknown Flower

I feel so lazy since it has been raining the whole day!
So these will be a quick post. hehe. :)

My title post is THE UNKNOWN FLOWER. Cos seriously, I don't know if what I did looks like a flower at all. You girls be the judge! :) But I quite like the outcome. Refreshing to my eyes. Perfect for a gloomy day. PLUS it is really easy to do! :)

Here are a few photos:

Photos were taken indoor. Using only my phone's camera

The items I used. I forgot to add RHINESTONES, DOTTING TOOL or TOOTHPICK and a NEEDLE.

God Bless! ♥


  1. Beautiful design, very neat!

  2. Of course it looks like a flower - great work :)

  3. wow these are sooo gorgeous! i love the green and pink together!

  4. It certainly looks like a flower. Nice nails.

  5. Nice! Where did you get the mood-changing nail polish? :)

  6. Hi Aya! I've had it for a year now. :) I bought it from a nail art friend. :)


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